Trying to Work-Out/Pre-Flight Freak Out

27 Feb


Today’s post will be quick, I promise. Staying true my adventurous spirit and complete inability to sign up for any activity that resembles relaxation, I’ve decided to spend my spring vacation in Africa…and I take-off on Friday. The scene depicted above is just a fraction of what my bedroom floor looked like moments ago as I am scrambling to make an assessment of my American-made pharmaceuticals pre-departure.  I leave for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in just about two days. Ahhh! (more reflections on this tomorrow, when presumably, I may, or may not have more time).

While in Addis and other parts of Ethiopia, I hope to keep a travel diary of everything I see and the people I meet. I’ll be traveling with a group from my undergraduate program. I’ll have the chance to visit beautiful Gondar, Axum and Lalibella.  In addition, we’ll be meeting with local government officials, NGOs and delegates to the African Union which sits in Ethiopia’s capital. Last summer I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Region which was an amazing experience…and I should really know by know that preparing for a trip like this requires more than a hot second of packing…but alas, I was too BUSY to do so sooner.

While I am really excited about this new adventure, I am always stricken with a little pre-departure anxiety. To beat the heat, I decided to walk away from my litter-strewn room, busted out some free weights and engaged in the following:

1.) one set of 15 squats while holding 10 lb. free weights

2.) one set of mountain-climbers (about 20 foot shifts)

3.) another set of 15 squats

4.) another set of mountain climbers

5.) 2 minutes of crunches

6.) another set of 15 squats

7.) another set of mountain climbers

8.) 2 minutes of crunches

9.) forearm plank pose held until I felt a burn and then thirty seconds thereafter

10.) a set of 10 push-ups

11.)  a down dog vinyasa (through to plank, chaturanga-which I held for 10), then to cobra and folded to child’s pose

To calm my nerves before I returned to packing, I engaged some alternate nostril breathing. Much like the magic hand rub (which I featured yesterday) this breathing technique works like a charm to center and cool your nerves. If you’re interested in reading about alternate nostril breathing, I’ve got a great link. If you’d rather just see it in action, I liked this video: 

Ahhh! Okay, now back to my giant pre-trip mess.

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