Lock and Load

3 Apr

Dear Female Readers,

We all know that whatever you decide to do with your cleavage outside the gym, or off the track, or outside yoga class is your business. But when you enter these spaces, I am sure that no one wants to look or feel like Dolly Parton.


I suppose I could be mistaken but, last time I checked, it’s way hard to focus and give your workout 110% if your…err…preoccupied. I have tried endlessly to find the perfect workout bra. I’ve had some luck feeling buckled down and under control with Adidas sportswear and would recommend their bras somewhat. However, in the last four months, I’ve been buying undergarments like a madwoman and nothing has really done the trick. Either I’m suffocating under an immense rubber band, or I look like I’m wearing a corset, or, I’m about…to… lose…something  I am not interested in sharing with the public.

This was the unfortunate story until I happened upon an Under Armour bra in Sports Authority. I was in a rush and had forgotten proper clothing for a  post-workday workout class. I hurriedly stumbled into the store, grabbed the first reasonably supportive looking bra I could find. I snatched other necessities and headed to the checkout.

I later realized the bra was a great find. After ordering several more, I can say with a high degree of confidence that you will be satisfied as well. There is a lot to choose from regardless of body type.  You can even watch videos on the Under Armour website explaining the lengths to which they’ve  gone to ensure that nothing falls out as you’re springing forward this season!

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