5k/10k Fun

30 Apr

I can’t say enough good things about local community run 5 and 10ks. I’ve been double teaming my weekends with short runs and it’s been nothing but a blast. Sure, there are some tricky courses out there. Even some of the innocuously advertised “this-is-a-fun-park-run” runs can pack some challenges (e.g. the park based 5k I ran on April 20th essentially began at the base of a giant hill) and can make you feel totally beat. But that’s the fun of it, no?

This season, I’ve been all over the state of New Jersey. As someone who considers herself interested in managing the carbon footprint, I am a little ashamed to admit that I’ve been driving like a maniac on weekends to get to some of these races. But, eh, at the end of the day I kinda feel like it’s worth it, especially if you’re carpooling…which, of course, I know you are. There’s always something great about traveling across the state and watching the landscape change and open up before you. As someone who has traveled frequently throughout other parts of the world, I honestly feel like the roadtrip is one of those quintessentially American experiences.

At any rate, here’s a list of some of my season highlights:

10K, March 23, 2013: 56:01.30

10K, April 7, 2013: 55:11.46

5K, April 20: 25:28.15

5K April 27: 24:56.30

And, just as my time was slipping down, I headed out to the hills, quite literally. A friend and I decided to take a drive south west of the big city for Run the Vineyards during which we hit some serious inclines, grassy meadows and sandy, rocky terrain. Okay, so now that I have finished prefacing this, I tell you, my time….another 5k but this time 27:18.30. Ewww! Embarrassing, but at least my country jaunt afforded me the opportunity to take photos of some chickens.


and to purchase a giant discounted sack of vino!


If you’re looking for some feel good events (i.e. the ones where you meet fun and interesting people) I recommend the following races, available throughout the country:

Run for Congo Women: http://www.runforcongowomen.org/ (this is typically a seasonal run but you can create a virtual event year-round)

Race for the Cure: http://www.komencny.org/komen-race-for-the-cure/ (obvious but true, this run is always supported by great locals)

AIDS Walk NY: https://www.kintera.org/faf/teams/registerTeam.asp?ievent=1052727&lis=1&kntae1052727=019D76DA70D64CC59EC21891DB926A47&teamAction=join

and, finally, not a community event per se, but Virtual Run for Boston, going on now through May 27, 2013:


Don’t let me stop you, there are plenty of good ones out there. You just need to find a cause and get to it!

2 Responses to “5k/10k Fun”

  1. themovingmuncher April 30, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    As a new racer (have my first 10k coming up mid May) I love the idea of signing up for a few runs over the space of a period as I’m guessing it is great motivation to continue getting yourself out there and running! I just wish the UK had a few more fun ones 🙂

    • theadventurousyogi May 14, 2013 at 2:13 am #

      Good luck on your upcoming 10K! That is super exciting. I remember my first 10k. It felt like such a stretch for me at the time but after breaking through the 10k barrier it’s been hard to stop running. We are really lucky on the other side of the pond in that we are totally inundated with great 5ks and 10ks all season and beyond.

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