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26 Aug

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26 Aug

repurposing a poor food choice

26 Aug


Hello readers! Welcome back. I apologize for my failure to keep this old thing updated. I’ve had many new food and fitness adventures since we last spoke.  Having returned from an inadvertent blogging vacation, I write to you today about recent encounters with a new take on the avocado.  Really? You ask, avocados? The early 2000s are calling and they want to let you know that while your blog isn’t exactly highbrow, even taking the time to extoll the benefit of the avocado is truly passé.

I know.

What I bring to you today is a new take on an old classic and a lesson on the benefits of repurposing unwanted foods. A topic particularly relevant to me as I’ve recently returned from the whirlwind of my wedding and honeymoon and, having recently gone back to work, find myself simply unable to stock our shelves and fridge fast enough.  I’ve resorted to many impulse buys merely because they seemed like good ideas at the time. This includes my avocado collection.

First off, and as a footnote, for those of you who are SICK of bougie young people always asking for avocado with everything, I offer an interesting alternative history. Pursuant to the website entitled “Today I Found Out” (who’s facts I have not thoroughly checked), “the word avocado comes from the Aztec word ‘ahuacatl’ meaning testicle.” Yep. I said it.  According to the Aztecs (or perhaps just according to this website), the reference was made due to the avocado’s shape. Once the Spaniards arrived, they began translating the word “ahuacatl” into “aguacate” and eventually “avocado” as we know it today.

So, where am I going with all this history? The answer is nowhere, really. I just thought you might like to know.  Moving on, I introduce tonight’s lesson. Repurposing otherwise good food that is, for reasons of palatability headed straight for the trash.

The story (finally) begins last weekend when I thought I’d had an “ah-ha” moment in  the grocery store when I happened upon a pile of wonderfully large and happily green avocados. Instantly, they reminded me of the humongous and juicy avocados I’d had the opportunity to enjoy during my stay in Tanzania two summers ago. After snapping up a few, I hurried home eager to cut them open and enjoy in a simple manner with some fresh pepper and salt.


When I set out to crack the first sucker open, I knew my excitement was for naught.  The avocadoes I’d purchased were not truly avocadoes at all but rather a strange new beast heretofore unbeknownst to me.  Plus, they had a horrid name the “slimcado” and were clearly marketed for individuals blissfully unfamiliar with the concept of healthy fats. Ugh!


So, this slimcado, is really not an avocado at all. After wrestling the thing open (and this was a hard task), I cut the avocado, or, err, sorry, the slimcado, into one inch thick cubes. Unsure of what to do next, I sprinkled them with some extra virgin olive oil, coated them with a heaping spoonful of cayenne pepper and chili powder, a sprinkling of salt and a hearty shake of pepper and put them in a medium skillet. I cooked the cubes over medium-low heat for about twenty minutes, stirring and adding a little water as needed.

I have to say, while this whole slimcado thing might not equal the one true food (or testicle, see discussion, supra) of the gods (the real avocado), it certainly cooks up really nicely. They turned out to be hearty and almost pumpkin-like in consistency. While I can’t say slimcados my new favorites, I am certainly glad we didn’t chuck them out on the spot.

Next time you consider tossing out your less-than-desirable produce or poor food choices, just rethink the possibilities.

This blog post has been brought to you by cayenne and chili.