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Don’t Throw Away the Oars

26 Sep

So, here’s a short post for you and one in which I’ll share a secret.  I’ve been out of running for at least three weeks now. I’ve been busy, of course. Planning a wedding, getting married, going on a honeymoon, moving, returning to work. It’s been terrible.  My whole rhythm is way out of whack. And, I felt it. Really badly today when I took to the pavement. I barely churned out a 5k which is unlike me. For the past two years running has been such a pleasure, but tonight, it was actually pain. I suppose the experience is a humbling one since, given my half marathon status, I’ve sort of poo poo’ed shorter runs. Why do a run at all if you’re barely going anywhere?

Tonight I realized, it’s the process that really matters.  Sometimes the road will be difficult, but you can’t give up.  Running is a time for introspection as well as fitness. It’s something you can do anywhere without props or an aerobics instructor yelling “just one more rep!” at you.  It’s your time and it won’t always be easy.

I came across this fantastic and telling quote while on the internet earlier today. It’s kind of great when something that happens to you in the morning ends up being a sign, or, at least something to which you feel a need to return later in the day.  It’s so karmic, kismet, whatever you want to call it.  All I know is that, it’s true. As they say on the street, running, like life, is about the journey and not the destination.

If today you were slow, tomorrow you will be faster. If you’re struggling to find shore, sometimes all you can do is keep paddling.


Pura Vida, Costa Rica

21 Sep

After celebrating our wedding earlier this month, my husband and I made the wonderful and life-affirming choice to spend our honeymoon in Costa Rica. For those of you who aspire to a healthy lifestyle, even while on vacation, Costa Rica is the perfect location. Although not without shortcomings, as no country on the planet is, the national ethos is one of genuine stewardship ofthe earth. Laws in this truly green nation strictly govern land use, water use and – unlike in the US – everywhere you go there is a place to recycle. We holed up for the most part in a eco-friendly hotel which was nestled on the shores of the Pacific.  With the forested hills behind us and the sea before us, we found time for some serious kayaking, snorkeling and hiking.  On our third day, we traveled out several hours to Bijagua de Upala for some some serious rainforest hiking.  From our base at Heliconias Lodge, we ventured out to several suspended bridges in the canopy where we were able to view a few two-toed sloths, howler monkeys, tropical birds, the tiniest frog I’ve ever seen as well as a collection of curious insects.

Here are a few of our favorite pics:

costa rica

I think we better pass through this one quickly, Indy!


Not only does Costa Rica have a wind power initiative, but they also use geo-thermal power from their many volcanoes.


One but many. Tiny and adorable sand crabs abound!


The smallest frog.


The mysterious fruits consumed by the Costa Rican two-toed sloth.


El piasaje.


I spy a two-toed sloth!


This old thing, just been hanging around for about 500 years or so – no big deal.

rainforest bug

Whoa, bug!

Until next time, pura vida, my friends!