Busy runners, yogis, hikers, power walkers, weight lifters, adventurous gym-goers and all other frustrated athletes of the world unite! And welcome to The Adventurous Yogi page.  Not to fear, despite the title, I plan to discuss many other forms of exercise apart from yoga. I am developing this site to serve as a personal resource for those of you out there who hold down (or are at least trying to hold down) a day job while battling that insane wanderlust to chart new territory, get sweaty, get dirty and stay fit.

So, where exactly does this leave you and I? The working stiffs who live for the weekends (when we get one). Where do we go with our dreams of athletic achievement on a thin time budget? Much as it has pained and sometimes exhausted me, I’ve made consistent efforts over my last few years as a working girl to find ways to stay in shape, to keep happy and to eat healthy. It hasn’t been easy and I’m constantly refining my methods and routines.

There are not many blogs (actually, I found none) dedicated solely to the working woman or man who yearns for a lifestyle that will permit jogging, hiking, a little yoga and maybe the home brewing of kombucha all in one afternoon. Deep down, this is the kind of life I want to have. Realistically, I am on the clock and so are you. My goal in this blog is to help you get centered and focused enough so you can start enjoying more of the activities that our lesser-employed peers so enjoy.

Whether you have ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes or an hour, I’ll be here to provide you with quick strategies for snapping into physical motion. What I’ll do in each post is break down some tried and true workout routines, post reviews of work-schedule friendly workout classes widely available throughout the USA, supply you with kitchen-tested healthy (and tasty) recipes that take under thirty minutes to throw together.
In summary (and for those of you who were too busy to even read the above), you can expect to hear more about the following:
• Fresh ideas for getting started on a workout routine
• Tips to maximize your workout on a limited schedule
• Monthly Mix: Me and my fitness friends participate in and review local workout classes (we’ll also be taking your suggestions)
• Weekly Cool-Down: Fun yoga routines for everyone
• Reviews of mainstream and not-so-mainstream workout classes (offered in your neighborhood)

• Time-tested homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner (and, of course, snack) tips
• Reviews of gear and exercise equipment
• Motivation and inspiration
• And, a little bit of adventure! (aka travel blogging…whenever I am presented with the opportunity to do so)

You can be sure that if you keep reading, I’ll keep posting the details on how I manage my busy work/workout life balance. If you have any questions, you can always contact me at

Very truly yours,


~ The Adventurous Yogi

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